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Media Day for the E5!

More information regarding the E5 Hayabusa Shinkansen. Up in Miyagi Prefecture, the first mass-production unit was rolled out to the press. Lucky for us, that provides us with additional pictures of the inside of the train.

By the way, click the picture to enlarge.

Ready when you are.

Since it’s the first mass-produced E5, what we see is what we can expect when service begins from March.

Another shot of GranClass

I’ve also found not only pictures of the GranClass carriage, but also the Green and Standard Classes. A nice step up from what I’m riding now get in and out of Tokyo via the Joetsu Shinkansen.

The Green Car

Standard Class...for the peasants. Like myself.

From my last post, we saw what the symbol for the Green Car looks like. Here is the symbol they’ll slap on the side of the GranClass carriages:

A step up from the Green Car clover, imo.

Can you see that the hexagon makes the letter ”G”? Also, the 5 trapezoids represent the 5 different luxuries the GranClass provides to the customer, which are: State-of-the-art technology, Increased Seating Space, Seat Comfort, Beautiful Interior Design, and High-Quality Service. The triangle represents these 5 luxuries being provided to you, the customer (yeah, you in the middle).

You can also rest assured that the driver will be riding in style too as the Driver’s Room is decked out just as nice.

Best view in the house.

Controls seem to be simplified overall as there’s a lot of reliance on the touch-panel displays throughout the cockpit. Also, on the far right you can see the spot for where the driver puts his official train conductors watch. Kind of an odd place for it though.

Come to Niigata!!

Unfortunately, the E5 doesn’t run along the Joetsu Shinkansen line, and I have no future plans to visit Aomori, nor ride along the Tohoku Shinkansen any time soon…so a first-hand account of the E5 is out of the question. If I can find a good reason to visit Aomori, then maybe I’ll give it a shot. We’ll see!

Thanks to this site for providing the pictures!

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