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E7 Series Shinkansen Announced

It was brought to my attention by a reader (thanks J.G!), that JR East will introduce the E7 Series Shinkansen on the Hokuriku Shinkansen Line (currently named the Nagano Shinkansen Line) starting from 2015.

This follows the E5 Series, currently running along the Tohoku Shinkansen Line, and the E6 Series, which will run on the Akita Shinkansen Line from next year.

From a Mainichi Newspaper article:

According to JR East, the company is already working on a blueprint for the new model and will launch a prototype train by summer 2012.

…which means we’re just a few months away from seeing what kind of design it will have. Will it inherit anything from the E5 or E6? Or will it have a complete resdesign altogether? We’ll see.

With the formal announcement of the E7, I’m hoping that they’ll finally announce something for the Joetsu Shinkansen Line since they’re planning to retire the trains throughout the next few years.

Complete article about the announcement of the E7 can be read here.

Hobbies are expensive.

early happy birthday to me.

I just couldn’t help myself.

I was already planning to use the JR East Japan Pass next month to travel around Tohoku, and I knew that the chances of riding the new E5 Hayabusa were slim to none since it’s only in service twice a day and seat reservations fill up FAST (tickets go on sale a month before at 10:00am, and are usually gone by 10:01am).

But when I saw that there was ONE seat available in Gran Class, I had to take it, despite the cost. Quoting a friend, it’s the ”pinnicle of the JR fleet.” I don’t know how the option was available. Maybe someone cancelled their seat, or made a mistake? I have no idea.

But all I know is that on July 9th, I have the pleasure of being one of the few people that day to ride the most luxurious seat on the most luxurious train in Japan.

Expect a FULL report complete with tons of pictures and a few videos.

Also, I’ll put up the conclusion of the Niigata Stamp Rally this weekend.

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