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Hobbies are expensive.

early happy birthday to me.

I just couldn’t help myself.

I was already planning to use the JR East Japan Pass next month to travel around Tohoku, and I knew that the chances of riding the new E5 Hayabusa were slim to none since it’s only in service twice a day and seat reservations fill up FAST (tickets go on sale a month before at 10:00am, and are usually gone by 10:01am).

But when I saw that there was ONE seat available in Gran Class, I had to take it, despite the cost. Quoting a friend, it’s the ”pinnicle of the JR fleet.” I don’t know how the option was available. Maybe someone cancelled their seat, or made a mistake? I have no idea.

But all I know is that on July 9th, I have the pleasure of being one of the few people that day to ride the most luxurious seat on the most luxurious train in Japan.

Expect a FULL report complete with tons of pictures and a few videos.

Also, I’ll put up the conclusion of the Niigata Stamp Rally this weekend.

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