E5 and E6 Hook Up at Tokyo Station. Sexy.

Interesting video today out of Tokyo Station, thanks to the Sankei Newspaper:

For the first time, a coupled E5 and E6 arrived in Tokyo Station. It’s been a while since new stock has been introduced within the JR East system, so it’s an exciting time for the Tohoku Shinkansen.

If you’ve been to any JR Station within the last couple of months, you’ve undoubtably seen (the almost heart-warming and nostalgic) promotional pictures for the ”My First Aomori” campaign, which marks the extension and completion of the Tohoku Shinkansen. With the completion of this line, JR East will introduce 2 new models to the Shinkansen family, if you will. The first, beginning commercial service in March 2011 is the E5 Model Shinkansen, running under the service name Hayabusa.


You beautiful beast.

The second, beginning commercial service in March 2013 (still a ways off) is the E6 Model Shinkansen, which will eventually replace the older E3 trains running on the Tohoku and Akita Shinkansen Line.

It is without a doubt that the E6 is the most impressive looking Shinkansen in Japan. With each new model rolled out, they continue to look sleeker and sleeker. As much as I like the E5, I think the designers have really nailed it with the new color scheme for the E6. It’s begging to be looked at.


Hot damn.

So, from here begins the testing that has to be done before being formally brought into service, which was seen in the video above. But if you live anywhere along the Tohoku Shinkansen line, or commute anywhere around it, keep your eyes open. Traveling at 320 km/h, it’ll be easy to miss.


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